Ta-Da! My New Website!

April 26, 2011

I’ve officially been working on this website for the past few weeks but the material within this online portfolio represents four years of hard work.  It took many mistakes and frustrations to get to this point but I’m proud of how far I’ve come in the past four years.  I’m excited to see what comes in the next four.

This experience also taught me how much I love web design – yet another field to consider! Please browse the website and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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Exploring Bean Town

November 15, 2010

A few weekends ago I traveled to Boston to visit an old friend from High School who attends Boston College.  While she was in class, I had the opportunity to explore the city on my own.  I’ve been to Boston many times as a kid (I have family in New Hampshire), but I sort of rediscovered Bean Town during this trip.  I was amazed at the small town feel Boston has.  It’s such a small city and after living in the South for a few years, I was surprised at the hospitality I encountered in this “Yankee” city.

I’ve posted a few photos I took while wandering the city but I wanted to explain a couple of them further.  The man with the squirrel is Donny Scancorelo, a resident of Boston.  Donny lives nearby Boston Commons in the Franklin House and he walks to the Central Burying Ground every day to feed peanuts to the squirrels and bread to the pigeons.  He also has water bowls set out for them, which he refills daily.  The squirrels recognize him and scurry around him when he enters the graveyard.  He lets them crawl up his legs and spends about 30 minutes each day with them.  Donny told me that he spends his days volunteering at a soup kitchen near where he lives.  I found Donny to be such a interesting person and was so thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to him for a bit.


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South Carolina Tops Furman

October 4, 2010

On Saturday, September 18, the University of South Carolina Gamecocks played the Furman University Knights at Willams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, SC.  The Gamecocks beat the Paladins 38-19.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on a press pass and spent the game on the sidelines, photographing the game.  This was my first time shooting football and it was a much faster sport than I expected!  Those big guys can move!  After the first half, I started to get used to it and am pretty pleased with some of the images I captured.  Here are a few from that night.


*Correction: A previous version of this post referred to Furman as the Knights rather than the Paladins – sorry Furman!

Anna Walton, 21, a senior at the University of South Carolina explains the purpose and necessity of the Good Samaritan Clinic in Columbia, South Carolina.  The clinic was founded 11 years ago and specializes in providing “culturally competent, linguistically competent services” for the Hispanic community.  Walton explains that the clinic offers Hispanics “a place to feel secure” in a world where they are constantly faced with language barriers.  While the clinic specializes in Hispanic-related services, it treats patients of all races and backgrounds.  The Good Samaritan Clinic treats 13 patients every Tuesday and Thursday night in Columbia.

*This is a multimedia video, so make sure you push the play button below.*

This is a project I just finished.  I had a great time learning about the Good Samaritan Clinic. The learn more, visit their website.

Special thanks to Anna Walton, Clinic Director, Lidia [last name withheld], and the Good Samaritan Clinic.

All photos and audio copyright © 2010 Sarah Langdon.

The Saturday before the holiday, I went to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin, Ohio.  I posted about the event a few days ago and below are some more photos from the event.  It was a rainy, cold Ohio day as is evident in the photos but everyone there had a blast.  To view the gallery and photo captions, click on one of the photos below.  Then, you can click through the photos.  Enjoy!

Let me know your thoughts on the photos, your St. Patrick’s Day memories and parade stories in the comments below.