Relaxing on the stairs at Cool Beans.

Last week, I wrangled my friend Apoorva and took some portraits of her at a local coffee shop, Cool Beans, for an assignment in my photo class.  I don’t have much experience with strobes so I had a lot of fun practicing bouncing light, etc.  Lucky for me, she was a very patient model and overcame her camera shyness relatively quickly – two necessary traits when you’re the friend of a photographer!

I wanted to shoot at Cool Beans because I loved the color of their walls and I thought the plethora of window light at the shop would be nice in the portraits.  It’s also a place Apoorva loves (as do I) and I wanted to photograph her in a place where she was comfortable.  The relaxing vibe of the shop is also evident in the photos.

I like these two photos, they show her personality – she’s always smiling and enjoying herself.  I’m disappointed by the feet on the stairs. Though, they bother me less and less every time I analyze the photo so I thought I’d go ahead and post the photo.  I think this close-up is nice – I love the three simple yet vibrant colors and the shadow on the wall.

I hope to continue working with strobes, I enjoyed them more than I expected and loved the possibilities it opened up for me.

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Snow covers one of the paths on USC's Horseshoe

Last night around 4 pm, it began snowing here in Columbia, South Carolina.  The snow continued throughout the night and we received a total of 6-8 inches of snow, the 6th heaviest snowfall in record in Columbia!  This is my third year in Columbia and I have never seen it snow more than a few flakes.  It was quite a night, although I did worry about those on the roadways, considering Columbia drivers’ lack of snow driving experience.

A snow covered tree on USC's Horseshoe.

My roommate and I ventured out into the “blizzard” to go see USC’s Historic Horseshoe, the most recognizable part of our campus, covered in snow.  Posted here are some photos from last night and this morning.  In the photos from last night, you can see some of the students who were out having snowball fights and building snowmen.  This morning, temperatures were already up to the mid-40s and the snow had melted significantly, as you can see from photos.  As short-lived as it was, it was a wonderfully surreal experience seeing South Carolina covered in snow.

The morning after Columbia's snowfall, it's already starting to melt!

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Mini Adults

February 11, 2010

Joshua ponders his mental grocery list...

For my photography class, we had an assignment due where we had to photograph people at an event.  This past Saturday, I went to Bank of America’s “Museums on Us” Day at the local children’s museum, Edventure, in order to take some shots for the assignment.  The photo above is one of my favorites from the day.  Joshua, age 3, was one of the most intense little boys I’ve ever seen.  He was completely intent on his “shopping” even when I was clicking a camera in his face.  The photo above illustrates this.  I love how he looks like such a little adult in this photo.  He seems to be thinking, “What do I need for that recipe?  Is it cumin or coriander? Are we out of milk?”

Photographing the children at the museum was more challenging than I expected.  They run around like they’re wearing turbo jets and I hardly had enough time to get a couple shots, let alone figure out who their parents were in order to get their names and ages.  It was a wonderful learning experience and it forced me to get comfortable photographing strangers, something I still struggle with.  I such fun at the museum on Saturday, I got to be a kid again for a little while and I wanted to share some of that experience with you.  Enjoy!

DMB, Up Close and Personal

February 3, 2010

For those of you not in the know, DMB stands for Dave Matthews Band and I had the pleasure of seeing them perform multiple (four) times last year.  I’m a bit behind and have only recently become a fan.  Last April, for my second concert, I went out to Nashville to see them perform.  They played at Vanderbilt Stadium and the field was completely open for those lucky few who had special tickets (I being one of them thanks to my boyfriend’s fan club membership!).  Therefore, I stood right up front.  I had never been in the front row of any concert so this was quite a treat.  It’s something everyone should experience.  You feel as though you’re inside the instruments and with musicians as talented as those in Dave Matthews Band, it is even more amazing.

This photo is of drummer Carter Beauford and bassist Stefan Lessard on April 25, 2009.  I love the light in this photo, the way it illuminates both of the artists’ faces so that you can see their full expressions.  I did very little toning to this photo, I really only adjusted the levels to bring out Stefan and Carter’s faces and sharpened the photo a bit.

So, tell me, what do you think of this photo?