Mini Adults

February 11, 2010

Joshua ponders his mental grocery list...

For my photography class, we had an assignment due where we had to photograph people at an event.  This past Saturday, I went to Bank of America’s “Museums on Us” Day at the local children’s museum, Edventure, in order to take some shots for the assignment.  The photo above is one of my favorites from the day.  Joshua, age 3, was one of the most intense little boys I’ve ever seen.  He was completely intent on his “shopping” even when I was clicking a camera in his face.  The photo above illustrates this.  I love how he looks like such a little adult in this photo.  He seems to be thinking, “What do I need for that recipe?  Is it cumin or coriander? Are we out of milk?”

Photographing the children at the museum was more challenging than I expected.  They run around like they’re wearing turbo jets and I hardly had enough time to get a couple shots, let alone figure out who their parents were in order to get their names and ages.  It was a wonderful learning experience and it forced me to get comfortable photographing strangers, something I still struggle with.  I such fun at the museum on Saturday, I got to be a kid again for a little while and I wanted to share some of that experience with you.  Enjoy!