Foggy Night Walk of D.C.

January 19, 2010

Foggy Capitol

During the my last weeks in Washington, DC, a few friends from high school and college came to visit.  On their first night in the city, I took them on a night walk of the monuments.  I lived on Capitol Hill, so the fog wasn’t as thick at my house, but as we walked down toward the Mall, it got more and more dense.  The fog was so thick down by the Washington Monument that we couldn’t see the monument until we were right across the street from it.  Even then, we couldn’t see the top.  I had never seen a night like it.  It gave an eerie feeling to the night walk and suddenly the Mall that I felt so comfortable in became an unknown world.  It was an experience I’ll never forget and I was so glad we picked that night to go out.

This photo is from that walk.  Since the Capitol Building is on the top of the Hill, the fog wasn’t quite as dense as further down the Mall, allowing me to see the entire building.  I used my GorillaPod to steady the camera and because the light was so low, I used an aperture of f-4.5.

I love how the fog gives it a blurry, faded look.  I think the lighting of the building and the fog accurately portray the feeling of that night.  I also like how the angle of the shot shows the imposing nature of the building.  I walked by the Capitol every day while I lived in D.C. so I have many great memories tied to this photograph.