A collage of images of the Marine Corps War Memorial covered in snow.

In my last post, I wrote a little about my semester in Washington, D.C.  Since one post can’t do it justice, I’ve decided to show you some more photos from my time in the city.

At the end of my residence in D.C., my parents and two younger brothers came to help me move out and see the sights.  I had a busy couple of days planned before I needed to move out of my townhouse, but the weather had another idea.  The night my family got in, Friday, December 18, we went out to dinner and when we left the restaurant, the ground was already covered in snow.  I’m sure you all remember hearing about the massive snow storm that hit the northeast right before Christmas – this was that storm.  Over the next two days, D.C. was dumped with 16.5 inches of snow – which allowed my family and I an almost private tour of the Capitol.  We managed to see some of the city, but for the most part, we were snowed in.  It was an incredibly memorable experience.

On the Sunday after the snow stopped, we began our trek back to Ohio.  But first, we made a pit stop at the Marine Corps War Memorial, or the Iwo Jima Memorial as many know it.  My grandfather was a Marine in the Pacific in World War II and I wanted to get some photos of the memorial to give him for Christmas.  Lucky for me, the snow-covered monument gave me some very unique shots.  Above is what the collage I gave him looked like.  I like these views of the memorial because it allows a deeper study of each aspect of the statue.  From the look my grandpa gave me, I know he enjoyed it too.


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