Exploring Bean Town

November 15, 2010

A few weekends ago I traveled to Boston to visit an old friend from High School who attends Boston College.  While she was in class, I had the opportunity to explore the city on my own.  I’ve been to Boston many times as a kid (I have family in New Hampshire), but I sort of rediscovered Bean Town during this trip.  I was amazed at the small town feel Boston has.  It’s such a small city and after living in the South for a few years, I was surprised at the hospitality I encountered in this “Yankee” city.

I’ve posted a few photos I took while wandering the city but I wanted to explain a couple of them further.  The man with the squirrel is Donny Scancorelo, a resident of Boston.  Donny lives nearby Boston Commons in the Franklin House and he walks to the Central Burying Ground every day to feed peanuts to the squirrels and bread to the pigeons.  He also has water bowls set out for them, which he refills daily.  The squirrels recognize him and scurry around him when he enters the graveyard.  He lets them crawl up his legs and spends about 30 minutes each day with them.  Donny told me that he spends his days volunteering at a soup kitchen near where he lives.  I found Donny to be such a interesting person and was so thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to him for a bit.


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I just got back last night from Columbia, Missouri where I spent a few days watching the College Photographer of the Year judging.  I learned so much in the 3 days I spent listening to the judges discuss the entries [for some of my observations, click here and here]. I was thrilled to see some remnants of autumn when my plane landed in Missouri – South Carolina tends to skip straight from summer to winter.  So, here are a few photos I took during a quick walk around campus.

I had such a fantastic time at CPOY this year and I am so thankful that I was able to go for a couple days.  I met some amazing young photographers that have inspired, intimidated, and encouraged me during my 3 days in Missouri.  Conferences like this always energize me and push me to make better photos.

Flying over the clouds during my flight from Columbia, MO to Memphis.