Finding the Light in Buenos Aires

September 2, 2011

I just got back from my third photography class here in Buenos Aires. It can be a bit overwhelming at times. Unlike the university classes I’m taking for credit, I’m the only native English-speaker and the class is not designed around my needs. In addition to a lot of fast Spanish, the discussions often involve technical photography terms which sound nothing like their English counterparts that I am so familiar with. But, I’m not complaining.  The class is fantastic practice for my Spanish (although I don’t think I’ll ever be able to roll those damn R’s) and everyone in the class, professor included, is incredibly patient and helpful with me. I even had a brief conversation about my 24-mm lens today with another student!

This past week, our assignment was to take photos to illustrate the different rules of composition. A pretty typical assignment but it was a fun way to challenge myself. It forced me to look for out of the ordinary situations. These are a few of my favorites – apparently I was particularly drawn to unique lighting this week. Enjoy!

Silhouette of tree branches in a park in Buenos Aires.

Palacio Hirsch in Belgrano "R", Buenos Aires.

A candle glows in the "Rotunda" Cathedral in Belgrano, Buenos Aires.

A drawing of John Lennon in Barrancas Park, Belgrano, Buenos Aires.

A view of the obelisk down a street in El Centro of Buenos Aires.


3 Responses to “Finding the Light in Buenos Aires”

  1. donlangdon Says:

    Sarah, I was taken by your photo of the tree branches. I had awakened early today with thoughts of reconnecting with our Heavenly Father for guidance as I have been lax and wanting to be more responsible. A principle from ACIM came to mind, “God is all in all”. I went to the rear patio and was relaxing into a meditative state when I looked up and saw a tree with beautifully iluminated fiery red branches extending throughout the tree. This appeared to be the energy from our Source giving life to the tree, as he gives life to all. I’m pretty sure that I could see the same or similar sight if I came out early morning with similar weather conditions and was still enough to “see” and “hear”, as He is always available and welcoming, even though we lose touch with Him. I pray that this fiery energy will illuminate us for His purpose and our peace.

    Love, Grandpa

  2. Riazi Snaps Says:

    Hey, which class are you taking? Is it at UBA? I took a course there on digital photography and am looking to take another.

    BTW, if you’re up for meeting another expat for coffee, send me an e-mail! I live close to the university.

    • It’s a class at the University of Belgrano but it’s open to the public. It’s a really fun course and I believe they offer it every semester []. They offer both a basic and advanced course.

      Would love to meet up sometime! Just got back from Iguazú this evening so I’m a little crazed but I’ll send you an email sometime this week.

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