Coming and Going: A Family’s Story of Deployment

April 6, 2011

In order the fulfill the South Carolina Honors College Senior Thesis requirement, I spent nearly a year documenting the lives of the Cashion family of Ridgeway, South Carolina through photography, audio and video, ultimately producing an audio slideshow to tell their story.

Sergeant Joe Cashion, an Army Public Affairs Officer, was deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan, a deployment for which he volunteered. Before, during and after his deployment, I followed the lives of his wife, Lindy, and their two daughters, Sarah (13) and Emilee (3).  I wanted to document the struggles a soldier’s family faces during his deployment, to share the story of the Cashion family and their unique experience, and to give viewers a better understanding of the life of a soldier’s family.  Throughout the course of the project, I followed Lindy and her family through their daily lives, photographing both the simple moments and the big events all families experience.

After working on this for a year, I feel both relieved and sad to see this end.  This has been a wonderful experience – I have grown so much as a photographer and I had the privilege of being a witness to this family’s life.



2 Responses to “Coming and Going: A Family’s Story of Deployment”

  1. Joe Says:

    Sarah –

    I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed having you around and taking interest in our story. Lindy and I both thought you did a thorough and professional job with the project. We really enjoyed watching it.

    I was thinking today that it was this time last year I was gearing up to go and you were starting the project. Amazing how time flies. I felt a sense of closure on Afghanistan when I got off the plane at Columbia Metro and feel another one now that you are finished.

    Please know that you are welcome in our home anytime and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

    Take care

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