World Child Relief Delivers Food to Haiti

April 6, 2010

In my previous post, I talked about my new job at World Child Relief, a non-profit to give direct aid to the children of the Tree of Knowledge School in Port Au Prince, Haiti.  This video is my most recent project.  My boss and one other man traveled to Haiti to negotiate food for these children.  Even though the Damien neighborhood (where the school is located) is less than 4 miles from the main food distribution centers, the over 7,000 people of this neighborhood had not received any aid, even 60 days after the earthquake.  My boss saw these distribution problems during his first trip and created World Child Relief to help fill in the cracks.

He negotiated for enough food to feed over 200 children and 500 families for a month and he created a school lunch program to ensure that these children will be feed for the next month.  He hopes to continue the lunch program into the future.  To help with this project, please visit

I’ve had a great time working at WCR and have learned so much.  My video editing skills are constantly being challenged and I feel like I am improving already.  In addition to editing video footage, I’ve been writing press releases and content for the website.  Next, we will be working on updating the website and starting a couple of long term projects to benefit this school.  I’m very excited to continue working at World Child Relief this summer and hope to have more updates to share with you.

[I did not collect this video material, but I produced and edited it.]


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