Help Me Feed Children in Haiti

March 31, 2010

If you’ve been following on Twitter, you may remember me tweeting about a new internship I started in late February.  I’ve been working for World Child Relief, a small non-profit organization formed when a group of South Carolina documentary filmmakers traveler to Haiti and realized that they needed to do more than simply film a documentary.  I’ve been working as the assistant to the editor, writing press releases and sorting through and editing video clips for the website.  Below is one of my first pieces which introduces the organization and its goals.

World Child Relief is focused on direct and long term, sustainable aid and the main belief is that if we help the children, they can one day help rebuild their country – a sort of “teach a man to fish” philosophy.  World Child Relief has adopted the Damien neighborhood in Tabarre, Port Au Prince as well as the Tree of Knowledge School there.  Recently my boss and founder of World Child Relief, Dennis Miller, traveled with a friend and producer to negotiate food for the neighborhood.  The two men negotiated with missionary groups, large-scale NGO’s, and the Haitian government to provide enough food to feed over 500 families and over 200 children for one month – the direct aid they promised.

I will be posting periodic updates of both what I’ve been working on and what World Child Relief has accomplished.  If you would like to provide direct relief to these children, please visit the website.

[link to video on YouTube:

[I did not collect this video material, but I produced and edited it.]


One Response to “Help Me Feed Children in Haiti”

  1. Molly Says:

    I really like the video, Sarah. Your internship sounds really cool. I’ll have to hear more about it.

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