Just Another Day At the Coffee Shop…

February 24, 2010

Relaxing on the stairs at Cool Beans.

Last week, I wrangled my friend Apoorva and took some portraits of her at a local coffee shop, Cool Beans, for an assignment in my photo class.  I don’t have much experience with strobes so I had a lot of fun practicing bouncing light, etc.  Lucky for me, she was a very patient model and overcame her camera shyness relatively quickly – two necessary traits when you’re the friend of a photographer!

I wanted to shoot at Cool Beans because I loved the color of their walls and I thought the plethora of window light at the shop would be nice in the portraits.  It’s also a place Apoorva loves (as do I) and I wanted to photograph her in a place where she was comfortable.  The relaxing vibe of the shop is also evident in the photos.

I like these two photos, they show her personality – she’s always smiling and enjoying herself.  I’m disappointed by the feet on the stairs. Though, they bother me less and less every time I analyze the photo so I thought I’d go ahead and post the photo.  I think this close-up is nice – I love the three simple yet vibrant colors and the shadow on the wall.

I hope to continue working with strobes, I enjoyed them more than I expected and loved the possibilities it opened up for me.

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One Response to “Just Another Day At the Coffee Shop…”

  1. Grandma Langdon Says:

    What a pleasent subject. I liked her shadow on the stairs picture. I wouldn’t have seen the feet if you hadn’t mentioned them.

    Love, Grandma

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