DMB, Up Close and Personal

February 3, 2010

For those of you not in the know, DMB stands for Dave Matthews Band and I had the pleasure of seeing them perform multiple (four) times last year.  I’m a bit behind and have only recently become a fan.  Last April, for my second concert, I went out to Nashville to see them perform.  They played at Vanderbilt Stadium and the field was completely open for those lucky few who had special tickets (I being one of them thanks to my boyfriend’s fan club membership!).  Therefore, I stood right up front.  I had never been in the front row of any concert so this was quite a treat.  It’s something everyone should experience.  You feel as though you’re inside the instruments and with musicians as talented as those in Dave Matthews Band, it is even more amazing.

This photo is of drummer Carter Beauford and bassist Stefan Lessard on April 25, 2009.  I love the light in this photo, the way it illuminates both of the artists’ faces so that you can see their full expressions.  I did very little toning to this photo, I really only adjusted the levels to bring out Stefan and Carter’s faces and sharpened the photo a bit.

So, tell me, what do you think of this photo?


4 Responses to “DMB, Up Close and Personal”

  1. Adam Langdon Says:

    Fabulous! You are my favorite Photographer.

  2. Don Langdon Says:

    I really like this. It shows great clarity and lighting.

  3. Kathleen Schmidt Says:

    Great photo! Sounds like your boyfriend has a fan club too..

  4. Apoorva Says:

    Front row seats= ” You feel as though you’re inside the instruments”. What a fabulous statement. Says it all. That’s exactly what that Jazz concert was and why I was so happy.

    If only I had the knack to concisely express those moments!

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